Tuesday, August 12, 2008


A friend once told me that the Texas Rangers scare him more than any other team. The reason? Win or lose, the game is probably gonna be a blowout. Well, the Rangers game in Boston tonight wasn't a blowout, but sure had the fixings for one.

The Red Sox started the game with 10 runs in the bottom of the first, including two David Ortiz three run home runs to take a 10-0 lead. By the middle of the sixth however, the Rangers were leading 15-14. Not wanting to be humiliated like that at home, the Red Sox came back to win 19-17.

The Rangers became only the forth team in the past 50+ years to score 17 or more runs in a game and still lose. Oddly enough the third time was barely over a month ago, when the Marlins lost to the Rockies in Colorado 17-18. Only once has a team scored more than 17 and lost, and that was in 1979 when the Cubs lost to the Phillies, 22-23.

The Red Sox and Rangers combined for 36 runs on 37 hits. That's getting good production if I do say so myself.

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