Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sabathia & Fielder: Heaviest teammate combination ever?

Here we see Prince Fielder and CC Sabathia wrapped up in each other's arms. Are they celebrating victory, or is it the culmination of this?

Has there ever been a heavier set of teammates? CC checks in at 290 lbs, while Prince is a stout 270 lbs. Is this a record for a fat teammates' weight combination?

First thing that comes to mind is Rich Garces and any fatties he ever played with. Dante Bichette perhaps? Problem is the ready access to their weights I have is baseball reference, and as much as I love that page, I question the listed weights as Sabathia is listed as 250 lbs on that page. Garces ("El Guapo") also lists on that page as being only 250 lbs.

Enjoy these pics, please!

So if you have access to a listing of players' true weight, please share. Because I question baseball reference when they tell me that John Kruk weighed 204 lbs.

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