Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sure, Edinson Volquez was great this year, but c'mon

Baseball, always on top of making smart decisions (see: steroids, looking the other way; World Series homefield advantage; coin flip playoff deciders), once again comes across as being on top of their game.

When the NL Rookie of the Year award was recently announced, they included the complete voting tally. Finishing 4th in voting was Edinson Volquez. Only problem is that Volquez is not a rookie.

Sure, 2008 was his first full season in the bigs, but after having pitched 80 innings over the previous three seasons, he no longer had rookie status.

Just saying that maybe the people entrusted to vote on shit like this should actually, I don't know, know what the fuck they're talking about. Granted it was only 3 out of 32 writers that voted for him, but still.

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