Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pine tar! Pine tar! Pine tar!

Today is the 25th anniversary of one of the greatest moments in baseball history, if not all of sports. For it was on July 24, 1983 that George Brett hit a 2 run home run in Yankee Stadium to give the Royals a one run lead.

I'm sure you all know what happened next, so I'm not gonna take the time to explain the situation. The picture should tell enough about how awesome it was though.

Anyways, the Baseball Hall of Fame has a traveling exhibit called "Baseball As America." It came to the Twin Cities last year, and I had the pleasure of going twice. There are a lot of awesome baseball relics to be seen there. I got to see the Abner Doubleday baseball, a Honus Wagner baseball card (you know, THE Honus Wagner baseball card), and blah blah blah, a whole lot of neat artifacts. But my favorite thing I got to see was the pine tar bat. This is what the display looks like:
And that bumper sticker is one of the finer baseball souvenirs I've ever seen.

It's kind of funny that this is one of the most famous moments in baseball history, and it's actually a pretty meaningless event in comparison to many other famous moments (The shot heard round the world, Don Larson's perfect game, Bill Buckner...).

Searching for Abner Doubleday stuff led me to this, quite possibly the most disgusting baseball relic ever.

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