Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Yankees hate terrorism; love money

A lot of stupid things have been justified over the past seven years in the name of fighting terrorism. Some may make sense, some may not. Then some are just downright ridiculous.

In the name of fighting terrorism, Yankee stadium has a ban on bringing bottles of sunscreen to their games.

"Security guards collected garbage bags full of sunblock at the entrances to Yankee Stadium over the sweltering weekend, when temps hit 96 degrees and the UV index reached a skin-scorching 9 out of 10 - a move team officials said was to protect the Stadium from terrorism."

Not to worry though, the stadium does have sunscreen you can purchase there. It's only $5 for 1 ounce of SPF-15.

Oh yeah, Major League Baseball has been raising awareness of skin cancer for ten years now through their program called "Play Sun Smart."

If you can't bring sunscreen into Yankee Stadium, then the terrorists have truly won.

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