Wednesday, July 16, 2008

You know, that Canadian Crusher, is, you know, very polite

I was reading the transcript to the post home run derby interview with Justin Morneau (but I'm not a loser), and it occurred to me what a polite boy that Justin Morneau is. A sample paragraph:

"Yeah, I mean, I didn't really make the rules. But, you know, it's been that way. They changed the rules the last couple years and made it so you add the two total rounds and all that kind of thing. The format is great. I mean, there's nothing really that I would change. But, you know, it does seem kind of unfair that he didn't get, you know, to win the whole thing with hitting the most total home runs. But at the same time, we were, you know, just going by what the rules were, and I'll definitely take it (smiling)"

Two "I means" and four "you knows," plus he ends the paragraph with a smile?

Throughout the nine question press conference, the Canadian Crusher tallied up a total of 27 "you knows" (an average of three per response!), but only 11 "I means."

I think someone has taken quite nicely to Minnesota Nice.

2008 Home Run Derby Press Conference Transcript

And oh yeah, congrats to Justin and the other Twins all stars on great representation of their team. Mauer going 1-1 with a walk, Nathan having a 1-2-3 inning, and Morneau winning the Home Run Derby, coming up with two hits in the all star game and scoring the winning run!


Sooze said...

Ya know, that was really neat. I mean, I just love him ya know.

Dennys Reyes Has Chubby Cheeks said...

Oh yah dontcha know, he's such a fine boy. Just a real go getter, dontcha know.

/salts up the lutefisk a little more

Megs said...

The 'you knows' and 'I means' at least triple when Joe and Justin are hanging out.