Thursday, July 31, 2008

Say it ain't so Griff!

Ken Griffey, Jr. has been one of, if not the, most likable player since entering the league, if not one of the most likable players in all of sports. He was kind of like the Shawn Kemp of baseball there for awhile in the 1990s, only way more talented. Not in the paternal manner, but rather than he was a naturally flashy player who everyone was excited to watch, regardless if they followed his team or not.

And now, in the (post-?) steroid era, appreciation for Griffey's natural skill has only grown. It's commonly agreed upon that if not for Griffey's run of injury shortened seasons, it would be he, not Bonds, holding the career home run title.

Today, the Cincinnati Reds have agreed to trade Griffey to the Chicago White Sox.


It's not so much the impact he may or may not have on the White Sox that upsets me. It's that I can no longer root for him. He's on one of my most despised teams (along with the Yankees). Well, I can still hope that he hits like a billion home runs, meanwhile the rest of the White Sox bat .000 so they never win again.

It's not reported yet who the Sox gave up for him, but I sincerely hope it was someone really good.

P.S. That picture of Griffey is like the quintessential Griffey pose from the 1990s. Watching a home run fly, immediate bat on the ground...classic.

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